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Tracker Business Toolkit

Business fleets presented a great growth opportunity to Tracker. Their conventional call centre driven sales mechanism was ineffective in dealing with business owners who require a more personal level of interaction. To date, the Tracker Business sales team had approached the challenge with ad-hoc sales sheets and presentations, customised for each sales engagement. A standardised approach was required that would still allow for basic customisation. A set of product cards was developed and presented with a flat-packed desk caddy to leverage the idea of a toolkit for business and enhance a face-to-face sales opportunity.

Business Toolkit Content

One of the challenges faced by Tracker’s Business sales team was that a prospective decision maker was typically a business owner rather than a dedicated fleet manager. To simplify the engagement, the product messaging was filtered and written around benefits rather than technology, which further enhanced Tracker’s brand positioning.

Kate Slabber


Sean Fandam



May 2014

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