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Tracker’s Formula for Success

Tracker was in the process of developing their Formula for Success as an internal brand engagement tool to catalyse an evolution of their internal culture. The need for change was brought about by changes in Tracker’s business and brand strategies – recognising that the desired vision could only be achieved if the internal culture supported it. We involved ourselves in the process of extracting the formula in order to ensure an alignment with brand values and to avoid the potential outcome of a standalone HR artifact. The formula consisted of eleven top-line and eleven bottom-line principles that the organisation should do more of or less of respectively in order to achieve its vision. As the results emerged from the process, we assisted in wordsmithing the concepts to ensure their strategic fit.

The Principles

To create a conceptual link with their culture, which is characterised by story-telling, we expressed the formula in the form of a set of book covers. Each book represented one principle, with its definition filling the place of the blurb on the back cover.


A full set of physical books was created for the Tracker head office. The books were displayed on a bespoke bookshelf with the formula’s weightings represented as three-dimensional type characters resembling shelf ornaments and bookends. A custom wallpaper grounded the bookshelf and provided a necessary warmth. Tracker’s regional offices received printed wallpaper versions of the wall with a composite image of the display shelf and books.

The Tracker Handbook for Success

The physical form of the books and the accessible visual concepts assisted in bringing the principles to life. For the launch of The Tracker Way to staff, a handbook was created which combined the formula with Tracker’s values to demonstrate the alignment and provide a convenient form of reference.

Launch Giveaway

As a further piece of reference, a double-sided bookmark was created. The bookmark was handed out as a desk drop in the week following the launch.


Dustin Slabber



Sean Fandam



March 2012

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