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MasterCard Elevate Desk Drop

MasterCard® Elevate Business Perks is a discount offers programme for MasterCard® card holding SME customers. Through membership to the programme, small businesses are afforded benefits that are normally only available to big businesses through their access to bulk discounts. The range of offers is broken down into 5 categories representing key business cost centres; Travel & Wellness, Marketing & Communication, Technolgy, Supplies and Skills Development. MasterCard tasked us with the creation of a welcome pack for the Elevate programme to assist them in communicating the benefits of the programme to SME relationship managers at the issuing banks so that they would be well enough informed to on-sell the programme to their SME clients. The selling proposition of the Elevate Business Perks programme is that it gives SME businesses an ace up thier sleeve. To illustrate this point, we designed a deck of bespoke playing cards. The face cards (Jack, Queen, King) and the Joker and Ace each represent one of the 5 offer categories. Subtle changes in the details made the face cards of each suit unique and the rank cards were custom designed. The paper stock and finishes were carefully selected to give the cards the correct weight and feel and the box was foiled to add authenticity. The result was a unique leave-behind that showcased the MasterCard Elevate Business Perks programme in an amusing way with a touch of class.


Dustin Slabber

Design & Illustration


Sean Fandam

Creative Direction



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