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Arthur Kaplan traces its roots back to 1889 when the family business first started building a reputation for providing timeless jewellery to discerning clients. Their retail brand was born when Arthur Norman Kaplan opened their first store in 1973.

Due to the relative success of their Swiss watch sales, the Arthur Kaplan brand was not well recognised for their fine jewellery. Their bespoke jewellery design and manufacture service was even less well known. In order to reposition the brand to reflect their premium offering, an updated brand positioning strategy was proposed, along with a revolutionised brand mark and upmarket visual language.

The Arthur Kaplan brand mark downplays its symbol for a clean, sophisticated look. The symbol represents the glitter of fine jewels and takes the form of a farkle (sparkle + flash), positioned over the serif of the N.

To achieve an elegant visual language, two repeat patterns were created, based on the farkle.  The signature plum colour was selected for its richness and its androgyny – it is elegant enough to appeal to women while strong enough to not alienate men. A mix of contemporary and classic fonts was used to complement the balance inherent in the brand personality and the product itself.

Shop U30

Sandton City
Sandton 2196
South Africa


Flagship Store

Shop U30
Sandton City
Sandton 2196
South Africa



Brand Launch

May 2013


Dustin Slabber

Arthur Kaplan Stationery

The business and retail stationery were executed on Conqueror CX22 Diamond White, a very high quality paper that is both luxurious and sustainably produced. The business cards were finished with a silky soft matt laminate to contrast with the vivid plum foiled farkle.

Arthur Kaplan Packaging

The Arthur Kaplan team had gone to great lengths to ensure that their jewellery boxes were consistent with the in-store displays and that they were clean and sophisticated. What was missing was a layer of iconic retail and gift packaging to complete the customer experience. To ensure that the presentation of a gift or engagement proposal is special and memorable, layers of texture and pattern were developed, in the form of luxurious ribbon, wrapping and tissue paper, as well as robust and dramatic outer packaging and carrier bags.

Arthur Kaplan Brochure

To launch the new brand identity and positioning, an A5 product brochure was produced. The copy takes the reader through an introduction to the ‘Love’s Story’ positioning and then introduces the various product ranges with poetic lines that contextualise the ranges within the story. With immaculate product images, moody supporting photography and tactile production techniques, a sophisticated image was achieved.

Arthur Kaplan Store

The flagship Sandton store was redesigned by Interior Designers to sophisticated specifications

Arthur Kaplan Advertising

Brochure photography was combined with jewellery images and simple messaging to create launch phase advertising. The image achieved was clean and sophisticated.

Arthur Kaplan Diamond Guide

To replace printed card versions of the guide used by staff to help customers decide on diamond specs, a simple image gallery was created for display on iPads.